Toothbush Holder Wall Mount & Holds 5 Toothbushes

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The Full Look:

Name: Multi-functional and Suction Wall of washing shelf 

Color: Three Color (Pink, Blue, Grey, Green)

Size: 260*85*170mm

Material: ABS PS Silica gel

Net Weight: 743g


1. Multi-functional:Can put 4 piece tooth mug; Two sets of toothpaste squeezer;Can put 5 toothbrushes ;A storage box

2. Drain and breathable

3. Magnetic suspension cup

4. No need to punch

5. Environmentally friendly material

6. Firm and tear off without traces

Package Includes:

1 x Washing shelf (Included 4 cup)

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DESIGN Multi-functional toothbrush holder with combination: Weighty toothbrush holder is a set of products containing 2 toothpaste dispensers for children and adult, 4 cups toothbrush holder, multi-functional incorporating shelves. A set of toothbrush and toothpaste holder can solve the family toiletries problem.
  • UPGRADED DESIGN Toothbrush holder for bathroom with upside-down cup design functions as fast water draining. The cups are securely attached to the holder, never falling and easy to pick up.
  • AUTOMATIC TOOTHPASTE DISPENSER Toothpaste dispenser with vacuum extrusion pump provide a large amount of power, and durable. No waste of toothpaste.
  • EASY TO INSTALL Wall-mounted toothbrush holder with strong wall sticker. Wall-mounted style, easy to install, fixed well, will not fall off and break the wall